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Dedicated gateways

Dedicated gateways are project-specific.


You can only use dedicated gateways to access IPFS content, not to upload content. See how to manage IPFS content.

Enable dedicated gateway

Go to your IPFS project settings.

Toggle DEDICATED GATEWAYS to enable.

Dedicated gateways in project settings

Choose a unique subdomain

The Infura dedicated gateway URL structure:

https://<CUSTOM-SUBDOMAIN><Content-Identifier>/<optional path to resource>

For example,

Enter a UNIQUE SUBDOMAIN NAME for your dedicated gateway and click SAVE SUBDOMAIN.

Enter unique subdomain
Subdomain format
  • Subdomain length must be <= 63 characters.
  • Subdomain must contain letters, numbers and dashes; matching the following regex: ^[a-z0-9-]*$.
Subdomain restrictions
  • An account is allowed a maximum of 20 unique subdomains across all IPFS projects.
  • One active subdomain allowed per project.
  • Subdomains are reusable.

Infura runs an automated check to ensure that the name is unique.

If the name is unique, a green box informs you that your project settings have been updated successfully.


You can rename your unique subdomain by typing over the current name.

Show only pinned content

Optional: check the Pinned Content Only box to restrict the gateway to respond with pinned content only.


IPFS pinning allows you to retain and persist data on IPFS nodes. Pinning assures that data is accessible indefinitely, and not removed during the IPFS garbage collection process.

Disable gateway

To disable a gateway, slide the ENABLED toggle left and confirm.

Things to note when disabling a gateway:

  • The gateway is only disabled, not deleted, and you can use it again.
  • Traffic is blocked and all settings are lost.
  • To create a new gateway, switch the toggle to Enabled again.
  • To re-enable the disabled gateway, switch the toggle to Enabled and use the same gateway name as before.
  • Re-enabling and renaming both count towards the 20 name maximum.

Don't forget to communicate new gateway names to your customers.

Security settings

The dedicated gateway copies existing project security settings.

Stats and billing

The dedicated gateway, and API calls, both count in stats and billing.

Traffic is billed at the same price as access to IPFS via the Infura API:

  • 5GB of storage free.
  • 5GB data transfer up free.
  • 5GB data transfer down free.

Anything above those limits are charged at:

  • Unlimited storage at $0.08/GB/month.
  • Unlimited data transfer at $0.12/GB/month.