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JSON-RPC methods

Use the StarkNet playground to test supported read methods.

Supported StarkNet methods

Infura provides access to the StarkNet network via a Pathfinder full node client which supports the following subset of methods.

  • starknet_getStateUpdate
  • starknet_getNonce

Block information

  • starknet_getBlockWithTxHashes
  • starknet_getBlockWithTxs

Value of storage at a given address and key

  • starknet_getStorageAt

Transaction information

  • starknet_getTransactionByBlockIdAndIndex
  • starknet_getBlockTransactionCount
  • starknet_pendingTransactions
  • starknet_getTransactionByHash
  • starknet_getTransactionReceipt
  • pathfinder_getTransactionStatus

The code of a class

  • starknet_getClass

The class hash of a specific contract

  • starknet_getClassHashAt

The code of a specific contract

  • starknet_getClassAt

Call a StarkNet function without creating a transaction

  • starknet_call

The latest StarkNet block height

  • starknet_blockNumber
  • starknet_blockHashAndNumber

The StarkNet chain this node is on

  • starknet_chainId

The node's sync status

  • starknet_syncing

Return all events matching the given filter

  • starknet_getEvents

Submit a new invoke contract transaction

  • starknet_addInvokeTransaction

Submit a new deploy contract transaction

  • starknet_addDeployTransaction

Submit a new deploy account transaction

  • starknet_addDeployAccountTransaction

Submit a new declare contract transaction

  • starknet_addDeclareTransaction

Estimate the fee for a given transaction

  • starknet_estimateFee