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Truffle for VSCode

Truffle for VS Code is a VS Code plugin extension that allows you to create or deploy contracts within the VS Code integrated development environment (IDE).

Truffle for VS Code lets you create, build, debug and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum and all EVM-compatible blockchains using your Infura account.

Welcome to Truffle for VS Code

Connect Infura within Truffle for VS Code

After installing the Truffle for VS Code extension to VS code, you can connect your Infura account.

  1. In the Explorer tab, expand the ellipsis menu under Truffle - Networks.
  2. Select Create a new network.
  3. Select Infura Service.
  4. Sign in using your Infura account credentials.
  5. Select Authorize to share your existing Infura projects with the extension.

Truffle extension for VS Code

Deploy a smart contract using Truffle for VS Code

You can deploy existing contracts or create new ones using your Infura account.

  1. On the home page of the extension, select Create a Smart Contract and Project Folder. Enter the desired project name in the prompt.
  2. Select the availability of the project inside Infura (public or private). The default option is public.
  3. The Blockchain view shows Infura Service, with your project nested under it. Under your project are the various endpoints that Infura provides. You can right-click on a contract, select either Build contracts to build a new contract, or Deploy contracts to deploy your contract.

Listed Infura projects and endpoints

For more information, see the Truffle for VS Code documentation.