Transfer an NFT

This document assumes you have followed the deploy a contract and the mint an NFT instructions, and you have another user account for transferring an NFT.

Transfer an NFT

Add another user's details

Add a new environment variable to the .env file.

Make the transfer

Load the existing contract, then call the transfer method of the SDK to transfer a specific NFT, defined by tokenId, to the TRANSFER_TO address.
const existing = await sdk.loadContract({
template: TEMPLATES.ERC721Mintable,
const transferTo = await existing.transfer({
from: process.env.WALLET_PUBLIC_ADDRESS,
to: process.env.TRANSFER_TO,
tokenId: 0
const transfered = await transferTo.wait();
console.log(`Status: ${transfered.status}\n NFT transfered on ${transfered.blockHash} with ${transfered.confirmations} confirmation!`);
Example output:
Status: 1
NFT transfered on 0xde6603f8dbba027d2210648c39c763cfc268adffa49146d14cb23db1e27f1991 with 1 confirmation!

Verify with Etherscan

Go to and add the recipients address.