Project sharing

Share access with your team to Infura projects by adding their Infura accounts to the project settings.
Tutorial for Project Sharing

Share project access

  • Go to MANAGE KEY.
Manage key page
  • Select the PROJECT SHARING tab.
Project sharing tab

Invite users

Invitees must have an Infura account.
  • Invite a team member using the form under the CURRENT MEMBERS section.
Current members page invite form
  • Or by clicking the INVITE MEMBERS button in the top right.
Share your project
  • Input one or more user emails, select the user role, and click SUBMIT.
Input user details
  • Reconfirm user email(s) and click CONFIRM.
Confirm email address
  • Project team members are added to the PROJECT SHARING page.
Project sharing details
  • Infura blocks non-Infura account holders from collaborating on Infura projects.
  • Project sharing will not send an invite to any email not related to an Infura account.

User roles


  • The Infura account owner who created the project.
  • You cannot change ownership of a project.


  • Has read/write access to the project name, security settings, and collaborator list.
  • Can edit security settings, change someone’s role, and revoke and resend invites.
  • Can view the project-level statistics.
  • Admins cannot:
    • Delete the project or the project owner.
    • View billing details.
    • View any other project's stats.


  • Has read-only access to the project details, including API keys and stats.
  • Has limited access to the security settings and can only view the API key secret.
  • Contributors cannot:
    • View the project sharing settings.
    • View billing details
    • View any other project's stats.

Accept access

  • Users receive an email asking for confirmation of their email address.
Email invite
  • Click ACCEPT INVITATION on the page that opens.
Accept invitation
  • The shared project appears in the project list.
Project list

Update user role or remove user

  • On the PROJECT SHARING page, click the three dots next to the relevant user.
  • To remove a user, select Remove Member. They are removed from the project immediately.
  • To update a user's role, Select Update Role.
Update user details
  • Upgrade or downgrade accordingly and click UPDATE ROLE.
Update user role

Revoke or resend an invite

While invitations remain in a Pending state, they can be revoked or sent again.
  1. 1.
    On the PROJECT SHARING page, click the three dots next to the relevant user.
  2. 2.
    Click Revoke Invitation or Resend Invite and follow the steps.
Revoke or resend invite