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Monitor API call stats

The dashboard provides detailed analytics and real-time statistics about your API usage. You can monitor the number of requests, track the most used methods, and identify any potential issues or bottlenecks. This data is crucial for optimizing your applications and ensuring they run smoothly.

Inspect the data from all your projects on the Infura dashboard stats page.

Navigate to your dashboard.

Infura dashboard

STATS page

Click STATS at the top of the left menu to view the total volume of requests sent to Infura over the selected time period.


Data defaults to the last 24 hours from all projects on Ethereum.

Dashboard stats

Select network

Change the network with the top left menu.

Select network in Infura stats

Select project

Select a specific project with the top middle menu.

Select an Infura project

Set a time period

Set the time period with the top right time range selection menu. Time values are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Set time period

  • Last 15 Minutes is the last complete 15 minutes. This updates once a minute.
  • Last 1 Hour is the last fully completed hour; from 00 to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Last 24 Hours is the last fully completed 24 consecutive hours. This is the default.
  • Last 7 Days is the last fully completed 7 consecutive days. A day appears once it has completed.
  • Last 30 Days is the last fully completed 30 days. A day appears once it has completed.

Data by API method

This is a breakdown of aggregate request volumes for the top five methods on each network. Filter by network to see the top five methods on a particular network.

Filter data by network

Data by network

This is a breakdown of aggregate request volumes on the top networks for each method. Filter by method in the drop down.

Filter stats by method

description: View the Infura dashboard

View and inspect request activity

This is a breakdown of total request volumes, successful and failed requests, per network and method selection. The table is sortable by clicking on any of the column headers.

Inspect requests activity

Hover over the diagonal arrows to the right of the FAILED REQUESTS (%) values, and click for more details to see a breakdown of the failure status codes.

Failed Requests pop-up

Click on the diagonal arrows to close the pop-up.

Check eth_call activity

Check the eth_call activity over the last 30 minutes. This table only populates when you are using the eth_call method.

Eth_call Activity Table

Click on any CONTRACT ADDRESS. A new tab opens with the smart contract details on Etherscan.

Copy the contract address by clicking on the icon next to the contract address.

The table is sortable by the table columns. This table only shows the eth_call activity for the last 30 minutes, and is not impacted by any time period selection.

Networks status

Check the Infura Status page for the latest service information across all networks.

Infura network status information